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Ninaya Offers Elemental Practices for a Healthy Life

Your body is your “avatar” while you are here on planet Earth. In fact, your body is the only link you have to the many beautiful sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings you can experience while here on the “blue planet”. In simple terms, your body is a temporary vehicle of transport, requiring love, care and maintenance. A healthy, well-functioning body allows you to live and enjoy life to its fullest potential. SO, in the chaos of your busy life; running, stressing, going and doing for others, I invite you to stop here, and schedule some regular maintenance, a tune-up or even a complete overhaul.  It could be that you just need a great Santa Barbara massage to rejuvenate and revitalize. Maybe a Santa Barbara Watsu or “water shiatsu” session is all you need to restore your rhythm and flow. While sometimes a great massage is all it takes, other times our bodies need help to eliminate years of toxic build up and for that, Colon Hydrotherapy or Colonics can prove indispensable. Whether you live here in Santa Barbara, Montecito, or Goleta you probably know that you reside in the fitness and nutrition capitol of the world; California. If it’s time for you to get serious about your Nutrition and Fitness goals, visit my Services menu for a complete list of ways to accomplish your goals.

My life is devoted to the service of others through the practice of a completely healthy and balanced lifestyle. It is my hearts’ desire to share the healing knowledge and wisdom I have acquired while on my own healing journey. Because of my own personal experience, I have a deepened  respect for our natural healing abilities: the power of breath, healthy nourishment, cleansing, movement, faith in what the earth provides, trust in the self, and a commitment to love. It would be my honor to assist and support you on your journey, whatever that may look like. Feel free to read or watch my Posts for all my latest tips or inspirations. Also, check out my Resources for some helpful tips. Once again, welcome!

In love,