Move Your Lymph

This important circulatory system gives nourishment to the tissue cells and removes debris from all over the body. It includes the lymph vessels, the lymph nodes, the tonsils and the spleen. It is central to the body’s immune defense and maintains our connective tissues in a functional, healthy state. It is said our emotional body resides in the lymph – When we have a hard, callus ring around our heel or foot, often a lymph problem is indicated. When U feel “stuck’ shift your state, move your body and get the lymph flowing.

Practices for Healthy Lymph Flow:

Deep Breathing – stimulates the lymph to flow more efficiently. Just like the blood has the heart to pump the fluids along, breathing circulates the lymph. It is said our emotions flow with the lymph, so when we feel stuck and heavy breathing deeper can free up that energy.

Yoga and Exercise – stretching and contracting our muscles sets the lymph flow in motion. It also makes our skin sweat which provides a great elimination channel for lymph waste. A good motto for staying healthy is 30 minutes sweating exercise 4 times a week.

Lymph Health Food – fresh vegetable juice, potassium rich food (bananas, broccoli, olives, sea vegetables), therapeutic herbs (black cohosh, echinacea, fenugreek, poke root)

Rebounding Exercise – on an inflatable exercise ball or on a mini trampoline, rebounding is an excellent way to move the lymph flow and shift a heavy or stagnant state.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – to gently massage body and palpate the lymph nodes located under the arms, ears and groin area. It helps to stimulate the lymph flow, drain the tissue of toxic waste (cellulite and fatty tumors) and improve cellular vitality.

Dry Skin Brushing – The skin is our largest eliminative organ. It handles 1/4 of the body’s daily detoxification. Through improper pH levels in soap, lotions and perfumes the skin pores can get blocked. Get a natural bristle brush and brush 2-5 minutes from the outer extremities towards the heart until you have a pinkish tone on your skin. Do it AM/PM before showering.

Saunas – is another great way to eliminate toxins though our skin, both dry and steam saunas are very useful especially when needing to loose weight and detoxify.

Hydrotherapy – Taking hot and cold rinses at the end your shower boost circulation. Also use it for healing. Going into the ocean is invigorating, healing and neutralizes negative shields, Try aquatic bodywork, i.e. watsu and water dance, to really experience your natural fluid body.

Dance Alive – is my favorite way to move my emotional body, blow of some steam and get a good sweat. Put on some music and dance, just move your body in a way it feels good. It’s not about what you look like it’s about how you feel, and let life rhythms express through you…

Practices to Avoid:

• Shallow Breathing

• Chronic dehydration

• Elasticized clothing (tight fitting clothes and under-wire bras)

• Crossing your arms and legs for a longer period of time

• Being still for too long and no exercise

• Eliminate aluminum cookware, food additives, alum-containing foods and deodorants

• Caffeine, sugar and alcohol during cleansing and healing


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