Spring is sprung and sparing water is the word…


 Spring is here which usually means babbling brooks, light showers and growing daylight. In our part of the world, Spring sprung quickly into summer and now into “June gloom”, characterized by a cool, low fog in the morning and evening.

   While this helps to moderate the loss of our atmospheric water, it also means that our June gloom is early. The season usually aligns with the element, but the water is scarce, and what’s left is going quickly. – Consider how you’re using the water in your landscapes – what plants are you keeping alive and why?

    A purely aesthetic plant seems out of place in an environment that is quickly decertifying. Instead, consider edible and medicinal plants, some of which have low water requirements, especially when mulch is protecting the loss of water from the ground.

  It’s noble and very necessary to reduce the water usage inside and outside our homes. The discussion about how we use water for our health should also be prevalent, as the water that’s left is increasingly valuable. It’s extremely important to keep the body hydrated to function properly, and irrigating the body’s sewage system to clean out our waste should be part of the conversation for how to keep us healthy and functioning properly as we are increasingly exposed to the effects of dehydration.

  Using water to keep healthy is a rather responsible use of water. For about the amount of water it takes to fill a sink, one could keep the body in a state of cleanliness and vitality, which is a valuable use of the limited water in our state.

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