“Fire into Water” Healing Journeys

You’ll love our new space for workshops and water therapies. It’s so magical, tranquil and beautifully located up Mission Canyon, in Santa Barbara. Welcome!

We are offering Personalized Healing Journeys, we call “Fire into Water”

These transformational 2-3+ hours combo sessions off Personal Processing Therapy, (I team work with William Gale, MFT) are inter woven with Yoga, Movement, Massage and Water Therapies, in ways that caters to each individual’s needs. Shifting blocks and heated upset, into clarity and cool calm. Contact me for more information about Will’s counseling practice and to get more detailed information about how a Healing Journey may serve you and all your relations.


“Dearest Will and Ninaya, words cannot adequately express the gratitude and love we feel for you both. The sacred space you created and held during our journey was safe, nurturing, and radiating with love…allowing us to open ourselves completely and honestly… with one another, and with you. Your guidance has been an invaluable catalyst awakening us to another realm. We are committed to continuing our exploration and expanding our love knowing the possibilities are limitless. Our journey has just begun”. Shannon & Miles

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