About Colon Hydrotherapy

What is a Colon Cleansing?

It is a natural essential function of the body and healthy life. As is the intake and metabolizing food to build and maintain essential tissue health. Homeostasis/Health happens when there is balance of the intake, utilization of oxygen, hydration and nutrients and the proper elimination of waste. You’ve heard about “you are what you eat”, well consider this, you also are what you don’t eliminate!… 

Toxicity occurs in our bodies when we take in more than we can utilize and eliminate. Whether it be food, emotions, or mental waste. Colon cleansing is a way of eliminating waste and stressors from all levels of our being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

A colonic; aka colonic irrigation or or colon hydrotherapy session, is a holistic detoxification process, that may help relieve waste and stress on all levels of being. It is an ancient practice and  powerful process that may help reshape and hydrate the tissues, exercise the colon muscles, relieve sick wind/gas, bring self awareness and educate clients about the body’s self-healing process.

Colonics safely, gently and hygienically cleanses the colon/large intestine with warm purified water. The client self-inserts a sterile disposable speculum, into the rectum about 1 and 1/2 inches. The therapist is there to assist the client’s “relaxing and gentle shower on the inside”. The client is draped, mostly laying comfortably on their back on a massage table. There is no smell or mess.

In a very yogic practice, the client is coached to focus on opening and relaxing the body with breath. The therapist will let a little water in, tell client to breathe, relax, open and receive hydration, then in perfect timing, will release water and waste out. This is repeated again and again, in progressive intervals for about 40-55 minutes.

Ninaya hold teacher credentials through I-ACT (International Association of Colon hydrotherapy), and has 20 years experience as a certified colon hydrotherapist (Internal Environment Institute, CA). Her style of colonics, is a holistic approach combining yoga awareness with much healing touch; reiki, pressure point work, lymphatic drainage massage and the use of DoTerra essential oils to help the elimination process.

Colonics is not a cure all, but it is good for most anybody, anytime, prepared or not. It is an efficient way to reset the body’s vital flow and create a renewed sense of awareness. It’s a natural, safe, gentle, soothing, self-healing and self-empowering modality. It may be very useful during a cleanse, in preparation for a medical procedure, or after to help detox, after a long airplane trip, when feeling slightly feverish or a cold coming on, during migraine headaches, or simply when feeling depressed, sluggish and congested.

Colon Hydrotherapy Rates: $125.00 per session at Ninaya’s Private Practice location. (Special  $300/series of 3 sessions.  


How to prepare for your colonic

Start by deepening your breath and get the channels of elimination to open. Get the lymph moving, exercise, sweat, rest and relax.

Eat good food! Avoid processed food, eat lighter to help pre-cleanse and de-stress the digestive organs. Try not to eat of drink too heavy or too much, 2 hours before your session. Some people decide to do a form of “pre-cleanse” i.e. liquid diet, salads and smoothies only, Or no meat, no wheat, no dairy, no sugar, alcohol or coffee – to help alkalize and rest the digestive organs altogether.

Get the juices flowing… Hydrate! drink more water. Add a little lemon or lime into your water. Have one fresh pressed veggie juice/day. Make or order a 16oz mostly fresh green veggie and herbs, sweetened with apples, lemon and little ginger.

The night and morning before your session, it’s better to have no alcohol and get a good night sleep, so the liver and nervous system is relaxed, thus more receptive to letting go, cleansing and healing

What to do after your colonic

* Implement healthier lifestyle and food habits…

Alkalizing Tonic – Upon raising, warm 1-2 cups water, add juice of 1 lemon or lime, 1-2 Tbls Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs) – then turn off the heat (careful not to boil the tonic, thus destroying enzymes) pour in a cup, and add 1 tsp Raw Honey. This tonic is alkalizing and restorative to the whole digestive system, especially supporting liver and bowel health. Use as digestive aid, after a heavy meal, to relive heart burn. It’s a miracle ailments healing tonic!

* Take Probiotic Supplements – i.e. Bio-K, Trinity, Renew Life (50 billion critical care), Dr Ohirra’s Probiotics help relieve gas, regulate elimination and boost your immunity.

* Lubricate your system, stay regular, balance hormones, by taking Essential Fatty Acid Oils. Udo’s choice, Flax, Hemp, Borage, and/or a good quality fish oil i.e. New Chapter Oils.

Stay away from processed food, eat mostly organic and vegetarian, simple and small meals. Slow down to eat, bless your food, chew lot’s, don’t overeat, don’t drink while eating.

* Breakfast – Enjoy a variety of fresh fruits and whole grains; Grapefruit or fresh grapefruit juice, Watermelon, or Papaya, Oatmeal w shredded Apple and Cinnamon, 2 Eggs (semi hard-boiled is most filling) or a Salad. Or blend a Superfood Smoothie (with fresh coconut water, adding frozen berries, super greens powders, EFA oils, hemp seeds, green veggies, maca, pumpkin seeds, etc)

Snacks – Fresh-pressed Veggie Juice 16 oz/day, sprouts, veggies, fruits, kale chips, flax crackers  – stay away from processed foods, power/diet bars, cookies and fried foods.

* Lunch – Salad, Soup, Steamed Veggies, whole Grains (brown rice, quinoa, millet, buckwheat)

*** Eat your bigger/heavy proteins in the middle of the day, as digestion slows at night.

* Dinner – Keep it light, have a soup, soup, sprouts, fruits and herbal teas i.e. mint, Pau D’arco.

Hydrate – drink lot’s of water, fresh pressed veggie juices, smoothies, herbal teas and tonics, (stay away from caffeine, alcohol, sodas, as it’s dehydrating, toxic and acidifying to the body). 

Exercise daily, walk, dance, yoga, sweat/sauna. Dry skin brush before shower, am/pm 

Pray!  Make an altar, ask for divine guidance, forgive yourself when falling off the program –

Does what I do, eat, drink, think serve or sabotage my highest intentions?

* Keep an attitude of Gratitude! – Journal your high lights/low lights, keep a food journal. 

 Remember, “Nothing tastes as good as Healthy feels”

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