Women’s Wellness

Having a baby is a sacred, magical, and intense journey. Staying healthy, balanced and conscious through it all, is a challenge. Having someone specifically to support you, caring for and encouraging you to stay strong, trusting and connected to the life giving Mother Goddess within, helps tremendously.


Ninaya is a natural Doula (a mother’s assistant during pregnancy and childbirth and beyond). Being a Holistic Health Coach and having had two naturally home birthed boys in her 40-ties, she offers many skills to guide other mothers on the remarkable journey of pregnancy.  Health, Nutrition & Fitness Coaching, Watsu & Aqua Natal, Pre & Post-Natal Massage & Movement therapies.

Mermaid Lounge Special Events – Seasonal Sister’s circle on land and in water. Sharing hearts, wisdom, laughter and tears. Playing in the warm water, stretching, giving and receiving Watsu. Together we do what mermaids do; we eat’n play, relax and connect very deeeeeeeeeply…

IMG_3610Summer Mermaid Lounge

Sunday July 2nd 3-6pm $75 suggested donation


Join us for a half-day mini-vacation, at Ninaya’s beautiful private pool sanctuary, nestled in Santa Barbara’s Mission Canyon.

Come play, stretch, flow and let go. Leave inspired and replenished. Welcome!    Please RSVP for more info and directions.


Aqua Natal is Prenatal Fitness sessions and classes providing holistic midwifery, safe and relaxing, yet invigorating warm water exercise, with basic water yoga and watsu massage. The class is geared to pregnant mom’s but open to all ladies, at any stage of life, if space allows. Enjoy soothing warm water exercise, sweet connections and deep relaxation.IMG_3863.JPG – Version 2Ninaya uses The American Aqua Natal Method which provides a holistic fitness and educational program in water that facilitates women’s health during pregnancy, birthing, mothering and beyond.

$125-180/60-90 minute private sessions or $30/class or a series of 5 classes $135  

Aqua Natal Classes – Mondays Noon-1:30  (Please RSVP for more details and directions)


Prenatal Yoga and Movement: Ninaya offers private Pre & Post-Natal Yoga and Movement sessions. She will tailor safe and effective exercises to fit your personal needs and goals.

Add yoga to your week and find an approach to exercise that encourages stretching, mental centering and focused breathing. Helps keep you more comfortable in pregnancy, prepares you for birth and facilitates postpartum recovery.

Yoga & Movement increases energy, stamina, strength and flexibility. It provides a physical and emotional release and helps enhance body image, self confidence, focus, spontaneity, creativity and sensuality. RATE:$125/session



Prenatal Massage: It’s important to take time to relax and tune into the wonder of life growing inside… Relieve stress, anxieties and tension that often comes with that wonder, A massage can help bring balance and a sense of inner peace and connectedness. Utilizing a bolster and pillows on a comfortable massage table, safely draped under sheets and blankets, Ninaya will soothe and relieve tension in the back and shoulders, drain swollen extremities and free up vital life force energy.

 Ninaya’s sweet presence and strong hands will service the Goddess to the max. She will make sure all clients feel safe, serviced, honored and pampered, using Doterra essential oils, rose water and herbal teas to soothe the senses, and bless mother with child.  RATE: $125/hour


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