Cleansing Programs

“Colonics and cleansing were the single most important aspect of my journey toward a full and wholesome life. It is transformational work and continues to be the heart of my practice and services.” Most illnesses are a result of excess toxins (physically, mentally, and emotionally unusable materials) causing stress and a variety of imbalances in the body, as well as parasitic infestation and mineral depletion. Healing requires the elimination, or “cleansing” of these toxins followed by an achievement of a balanced intake and output.

Ninaya offers Colon Hydrotherapy (colonics) sessions, which include therapeutic touch and nutritional consulting: $125/1 hour session or $300/series of 3 colonic sessions


Power Cleanse: Starts with an initial health consultation and a relaxing Lymphatic Drainage Massage, to help open the channels of elimination. Immediately followed by a Colonic. (3 hours)

You will return the following day for another Lymphatic Drainage or Therapeutic Massage or Yoga Circuit Training session, followed by another Colonic. ( 2 hours)    COST: $425.00


Easy Cleanse: this 3 week program, tailored for beginners, starts with an initial consultation followed immediately by a Lymphatic Drainage Massage. ( 2 hours)

You will also receive a Kriya Yoga (daily breathing and health remedies) Program, along with easy to follow recommendations on what to eat as well as what to avoid to get the best results from your cleanse.

Included is 3 additional support sessions which will include Colonics, Lymphatic Drainage Massage or Therapeutic Massage (to be scheduled at weekly intervals). COST: $499.00


Raw Cleanse: This one month program is an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you, change bad habits into new and vital habits, get expert support, find out how to face health challenges, addictions, food and weight issues.

This program starts with an initial consultation followed immediately by a session of Colon hydrotherapy or Lymphatic Drainage Massage. (2 hours)

The following session is a (2 hours) food prep session, making food that promotes health and beauty. You will get recipes, and plenty of information of what to eat, drink and do, to help your body heal and balance itself during the next 3 weeks.

During the month benefit from Ninaya’s 100% support and schedule 2 more sessions of either colonics, massage, food or fitness consulting.  COST: $599.00

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