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Sunday July 2nd 3-6pm Mermaid Lounge

Women’s mini vacation in & by the pool

IMG_3610Spend a sweet afternoon in the company of sisters, sharing heart space, healthy food, water play, yoga and deep relaxation. 
IMG_3602Bring your sister, your mother or lady friend. $75 suggested donation

RSVP by contacting Ninaya, and get more detailed information and directions, to her private pool sanctuary, nestled in Santa Barbara’s Mission Canyon.

Testimonial from J’Nelle H “In Praise of the Maharani Mermaid Lounge”

Imagine that you’re floating in a warm dark pool with twinkling lights bouncing off the water, fragrant rose petals floating by and Tibetan bowls vibrating round you, while a Watsu master is moving your body in flowing dimensions of relaxation! After, you dine on a sumptuous Ayurvedic meal, entertained by three musicians and a fire dancer in front of a larger-than-life statue of Ganesh… Would you not feel like a princess in a romantic myth? That’s exactly how I felt during my day at the Maharani Mermaid Lounge, which included, authentic dance, meditative crafts, cooking class, storytelling, gifts and so much more. If you’re overworked, under appreciated, needing a restorative experience or just worthy of being pampered, this is the place for you! Don’t miss the next Mermaid Lounge…


Aqua Natal Classes – PreNatal Fitness & Watsu 

Gentle, safe, efficient, relaxing and restorative work out for mothers to be. Enjoy a 75 minutes class of fun warm water exercise, water yoga and sharing basic watsu massage.

Class price is $30/drop-ins or $135/series of 5 classes. Mondays Noon-1:30 at Ninaya’s private pool sanctuary in Mission Canyon, Santa Barbara. Please RSVP & get directions.

Private Aqua Natal/Watsu sessions are $180/90 minutes or Series of 3 private sessions for $475     

Aqua Natal classes have been a highlight of my pregnancy. I really enjoyed the stretching and water exercise in the wonderful warm saltwater pool. I met other pregnant moms to be and learned how to give and receive the deep relaxation of watsu massage. Ninaya is a wonderful teacher, she offers exercises that are good for labor, she has been doing watsu massage for a long time and offers suggestions we practice on our partner and she shares a lot of wisdom from her 2 pregnancy experiences. I highly recommend pregnant women add Aqua Natal to their must attend classes. Thanks Ninaya for everything! – DeAnn W

Fire into Water Couples Connection Puja Event – Sunday, July 9 1-6pm 


Being loved deeply by someone gives you strength, Loving someone deeply gives you courage. – Lao Tzu


Join us for an afternoon where you will have the time, space and support to reconnect with yourself and your beloved. Relax deeply together and revitilize your relationship.
We all encounter blocks, burdens, bad habits, beliefs, and behaviors that block our joy and prevent us from deepening our intimacy and connection with our partners. Read more…

Seasonal Cleansing with Raw Food, Ayurveda and Watsu.

The Summer Cleanse: Join our 3 week transformational cleanse, to evoke radiant wellness and implements healthy habits. Practice easy to do health remedies and enjoy delicious recipes for more radiant VITALITY!

Allow Ninaya & Corinna to guide and service you with sessions and support. Start by cleaning up your diet, nourish your cells and get all the channels of elimination flowing. Then experience a deepening cleanse period on a lighter or liquid diet, colonics, massage, watsu session and all that good stuff … Enjoy your personalized health program with holistic remedies, yoga and the support of a committed group dynamic

 Ninaya & Corinna offers ongoing private programs to suit your needs and goals, as well as scheduled seasonal group cleanses – Plan to join us this 2017 Summer – Group Cleanse starting Friday August 4th at Rockwood Sanctuary in Santa Barbara.

The program asks for you to commit to three weeks of clean, conscious eating and living. Add your own private cleansing sessions with Ninaya and assistant facilitators, on top 3 special events;

  • Friday August 4 (Cleansing & Ayurvedic principles, & Intention setting circle Ceremony) 5-8pm 
  • Saturday August 5 (healthy food making feast & holistic health remedies) noon-6pm
  • Saturday August 12 (liquid diet recipes, Kriya Yoga & Watsu) 10am-4pm

Join the circle of support and inspiration! You will get a health manual, recipes, and an accountability partner. Together we decided on what other personalized sessions you might want to add, and when the group should meet up for additional juice parties and potlucks.

During the program, enjoy Ninaya’s & Corinna’s heartfelt commitment to health, and service, private healing sessions and the informative interactive online channel created by the group.   Read more…


Water Yoga Class at SWELL gym title

Wednesdays 8:30-9:30am wogaat SWELL Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club ( join the club or ask Ninaya for a guest pass $25)

Gentle but invigorating exercise. Combining Ai-chi, yoga moves and water aerobics, with breath awareness and fun.  Offered in a 90 degree outside pool, at all inclusive fitness club.


Private Yoga Classes and Family Yoga Dance Circles

Ninaya’s Yoga practice is a flow of various styles of Hatha (posture) yoga, Kundalini, Vinyasa, movement and breathing exercises. Guided by her doing and clear instructions, it’s for all levels and ages to enjoy as a private session ($125/hour), as a family affaire or specific group course.

Yoga Dance Circle combines elemental yoga, movement and heart-centered circle shares. Read more…

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