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Massage helps transcend stress and tension, restore body balance, inspire health, clarity and inner peace.

DSC01605Swedish Massage – the client is undressed laying on a massage table comfortably draped under a sheet. Application of essential body oils and creams, with varieties of strokes that relax and circulate the life force.

Deep Tissue Massage – release tension, scar tissue and adhesion while working within the comfort levels of the client. Trigger points, transverse friction, active and passive stretching, this is a great combo with Swedish.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – can have a dramatic healing impact on people with bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, sinus and flu congestion. This gentle touch abdominal massage may enhance the filtering process of the immune system. When the body is detoxified, a revitalizing effect occurs as more efficient circulation and organ function is established. A general cleansing effect occurs for all the internal organs, therefore it is very beneficial after traumatic or intensive physical states such as pregnancy or surgery. Ninaya offers a hands-on technique based on the work of Lauren Berry, RPT.

Pregnancy Massage; On land – Complete pampering and relaxation for the mother to be. Bolsters and pillows on a comfortable massage table. Relieve stress in the back and shoulders, drain swollen extremities and free up vital life force energy.

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Pregnancy Massage; In water – enjoy a Watsu® Massage, feeling what it is like in the womb; warm, nurtured, connecting to your baby, while being massaged and embraced by water, swirling and meditating to the sound of your heart beat $180.00 / 90 minute session


Thai Massage Yoga Therapy – or “the lazy man’s yoga” is generally performed on the floor, wearing loose fitted clothing, but can partly also be done on the massage table, as a combo session. Pressure points, body pulling and stretching, makes for an invigorating and freeing experience.

Barefoot Shiatsu – it is deeply relaxing to get stepped on and pressed on to the earth, as one can really spread out and surrender to the breath. The pressure of the feet are broad, grounding and powerful. The life force energy flows open with various body stretches and finger play pressure.

DSC01607Four-Handed Massage– How does she do it all? She does it with a little help from her friends and networking therapists. Experience Nirvana of the senses. Be stretched and soothed at the same time, revitalized and deeply relaxed. $200.00 per hour.

Personalized Healing Sessions – Ritual consultation, energy work, body work, cleansing work, massage, yoga, movement, meditation, whatever it takes. $125.00 per hour.

Massage Rates: $125.00 per hour in Ninaya’s Private Practice location or $175.00 per hour (includes travel and set-up fee) for out-call sessions. (Multi-Session Discounts available.)

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