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Ninaya’s Raw Cleanse is an information-packed transformational 3-week program

The Raw Cleanse meets Ayurveda 

Explore Kriya Yoga (purification practices) and Ayurveda (Indian healing arts and recipes)
Powerful Holistic Health Remedies and easy to make Raw Foods Recipes.
Enjoy Rejuvenating Drinks; Elixirs, Teas, Broths and Fresh Pressed Juices.
Learn Pranayama (breathing techniques)  and Internal Organ Cleansing,
Lymphatic Drainage Techniques and Watsu® (warm water shiatsu) Massage

The Raw Cleanse is an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you, change bad habits into new and vital habits, get expert service and group support while facing and overcoming health challenges, addictions, food and weight issues – Invest in your health and Self-awareness!

It is always a great time to cleanse! – Nature is constantly rebirthing! Each day a new life cycle begins. Awake! Shed the sluggishness, lighten up, sprout your intentions and plant new seeds…

Seasonal cleansing is a great way to stay health conscious, get back to/establish balance, find inner peace and new inspiration to lead a healthier lifestyle.

To do a cleanse with a group is supportive and powerful, as we learn from and become inspired by others, we also become accountable to the whole group. Participants often make friends, meet for potlucks and juice parties, have incredible realizations and implement a much healthier lifestyle.

The program asks for you to commit to three weeks of clean, conscious eating and living. As part of the group cleanse program, participants come together for 3 educational, fun and interactive workshops. Meet for potlucks, juice parties, and schedule private cleansing or restorative sessions.

Join us in Santa Barbara for the 2017 Summer Cleanse – August 4-20

  • Friday, August 4  (Cleanse info & intention setting circle ceremony in the yurt) 5-8pm
  • Saturday, August 5 (healthy food making feast & holistic health remedies) noon-6pm
  • Saturday, August 12  (liquid diet recipes, Kriya Yoga & Watsu) 10am-4pm

Invite your friends and family to join, tell them about this life changing event you are embarking on, ask for their support as you invest in your health and well being. Come learn and apply powerful health modalities, ask questions and get answers on issues that really concerns us. Have fun making healthy food, and get deeper in touch with our innate ability to self-heal.

The intention of these Seasonal Cleanse program is to provide a sacred circle of support, nurturing and self-realization, as well as to provide participants with the information, recipes and remedies to safely and easily enjoy a successful, long lasting cleanse. For all to leave with the experience and tools to self adjust, cleanse and nourish oneself back to healthy balance.

What can I do to prepare for the Raw Cleanse program?

Start shifting your diet into a more cleansing diet, filled with fresh organic vegetable juices, fruit, salads and raw live food. Eliminate processed and refined food (sugar, wheat, fried anything), cut out or down on cooked foods, meat, dairy, coffee, alcohol, sodas, cigarettes and drugs. Breathe deeper!

Fill in our health questionnaire and get your pulses read by Corinna – Find out your dosha/body type, according to Ayurvedic principals. Sign up for a series of colonics and/or massage with Ninaya


The Cleanse starts with a Circle Ceremony at Rockwood Sanctuary, located in Santa Barbara’s Mission Canyon. We gather to set our best intentions to cleanse all that doesn’t serve us anymore, get our hand-out manuals, get inspired and toast with a health cocktail … Next day we will meet up again to make food together and enjoy a healthy FEAST.

During the week ahead, the group will stay connected online and meet up for potlucks and food prep. Some participants choose to start their series of Private Sessions with Ninaya and/or Corinna in the first week, i.e. nutritional, health and fitness consultations, colonics, massage, Ayurvedic & holistic treatments and remedies, watsu®.

The next group workshop will be the following week. Now we prepare to go on a liquid diet. Learn more about opening all channels of elimination, juicing, healing arts and get in the warm Watsu® Pool. Dive deeper into self healing, integrity and meditation. Rest your organs…WBwatsu crop

During the 3 weeks, participants will have an accountability partner to check-in with, daily inspirational online communication,  as well as inpromptu juice parties, potluck, hikes and yoga.IMG_3469

Depending on how long all decide to stay on the liquid diet, and everybody’s schedule, we’ll plan the closing circle with  the potluck celebration together accordingly. This program offers an organic fluid schedule. We’re in it together! Join us!


The Complete Raw Cleanse Program cost: Early Bird Price $750  ($850 after July 20) 
Includes 3 weeks group support and expert guidance, potlucks, juice and pool parties.
1 Ayurvedic consultation with Corinna767
1 treatment of your choice with Ninaya
1 Recipes and Remedies Manual
1 Accountability Partner
3 scheduled weekend Workshops;
  • Friday, August 4  (Cleanse info & intention setting circle ceremony in the yurt) 5-8pm
  • Saturday, August 5 (healthy food making feast & holistic health remedies) noon-6pm
  • Saturday, August 12  (liquid diet recipes, Kriya Yoga & Watsu) 10am-4pm
Individual Workshops –  $150/Workshop 
Private Sessions: Nutrition & Fitness Consultations, Colonics, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Yoga and/or Watsu® $125/1 hour session or $300/series of 3 sessions.

The Cleanse Kit: $95  Includes: Summer Cleanse Manual, 375g AIM”S Herbal Fiber Blend, Enema Bucket & Dry Skin Natural Bristle Brush.

 Nothing Tastes as Good as Healthy Feels!.

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