Watsu or Water Shiatsu


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Watsu®: means Water Shiatsu. It was created in California in the eighties by Harold Dull exploring Zen Shiatsu moves and stretches in the warm waters at Harbin Hot Springs. Watsu is now offered worldwide in spas, rehabilitation clinics and private pools, as a powerful modality for healing trauma, injuries, stress and as a deeply nourishing and relaxing massage treatment.

Gentle gradual twists and pulls relieve the pressure a rigid spine places on nerves and helps undo dysfunction this pressure causes in the body. Our bodies are more than 80% water and naturally strive to flow to be healthy. Warm water s therapeutic benefits and its freeing of gravity’s pull, make it an ideal modality for healing to happen on all levels.

Watsu® is for everyone! Being held and supported in the practitioners arms facilitates a space where the receiver can completely relax, release and experience unconditional love and trust. To trust, let go of control, lose gravity pull and allow our fluid bodies to emerge, is very healing.

Ninaya offers Watsu, Water Dance (underwater therapy), Water Yoga, Aqua Natal and Family Floats, out of her private pool sanctuary in Santa Barbara. $180/90 minute session or $490/series of 3 90minute sessions ($50 savings)

Get your bathing suit, call and come for a session…

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